Beamatron combines Kinect with projectors for augmented reality awesomeness


Kinect Shopping Cart

kinect shopping cart

Using Microsoft Kinect to Aid the Blind

Whenever a user wearing viSparsh belt encounters an obstacle, the sensors find the distance and direction of the obstacle and provide vibratory feedback to the user.

For this, the team modified Microsoft’s Kinect, a motion sensing input device for the Xbox 360 video game console, and mounted it on the belt.

The vibrations are produced only in the direction of the obstacle and the intensity of the vibration increases as the obstacle gets closer so that the user can identify the direction of obstacle and judge if the obstacle is near or far.

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Kinect for Presentations

The Kinect KineSis controls the major Office programs in order to achieve a touch-less NUI for the corporate world.

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3D Object Manipulation with the Kinect

Fusion4D is an innovative user interface that uses 3D glasses and the Kinect to let users interact with 3D objects as if they were in the real world, allowing them to move, rotate and scale the objects, explode them into its parts, and even navigate in time to see what the objects will look like in the past and future.

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Kinect Used to Measure Astronaut’s Weight

But keeping check of your weight in zero-g is difficult. Scales, obviously, don’t work. Currently astronauts weigh themselves on an old-school stool fitted with oscillating springs, though that takes up too much space on the ISS and also uses an awful lot of power (see the video below).

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