Did UX kill Usability?




Agile Development and User Centered Design

An article about the issues with creating a good user experience with an agile development process.

Mine 1: An unclear role for design

Mine 2: The requirements gathering process is not defined

Mine 3: Pressure to cut corners

Mine 4: The temptation to call it “good enough”

Mine 5: Insufficient risk-free conceptual exploration time

Mine 6: Brand Damage

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Complexity and User Experience

Define scope.  Reduce complexity

Once your initial scope (or the level of complexity you’re comfortable with adopting) has been defined, the best approach is tackle one feature at a time. Design the first iteration around the most critical and well understood problem….

Unnecessary features are a distraction for developers and designers. They draw people away from optimizing the little details or other things you could be doing to help your existing customers. They also dilute the core proposition of your product and the prominence of the most important features.

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